Feel Good Comedy Movie: Orey Bujjiga

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OreyBujjiga is a marvelous telugu film that everybody should watch to thunder with giggling. It has all the earmarks of being happy to the point that the Telugu amusement world expected to notice an especially dumbfounding film. This lockdown has been debilitating to all the people the world over yet films like OreyBujjiga shimmer out and connect all people and dissipate all their weaknesses. You can watch OreyBujjiga on Aha for unlimited occasions. The whole film goes around bujji and krishnaveni, their enchanting sentimental story, conflicts among them are extraordinary to watch. OreyBujjiga movie online to like the most engaging jokes and brilliant story. New Telugu movies online are eager and enchanting.


Films like OreyBujjiga have shimmered in the midst of tempestuous Coronavirus. The film begins in the little town called Nidadavolu where the two Krishnaveni and Bujji stay with their people. They got a solid inspiration to get away from the house. Krishnaveni is a strong and clever woman and coming to bujjig, he is sharp yet a jobless individual in the town. The point which should be noted in this film is they were done outsiders to each other in the town, they have no clue around each other’s essence, when they rise out of the house. They meet on the train to hyderabad. By then moreover they dont be straightforward to each other anyway give fake names as swathi and sreenu. They don’t talk about their past and where they come from. They become associates resulting to going to the city of hyderabad. Bujji as of now has a darling here, which is Srujana who is a fun, bubbly and vivacious youngster. It’s perfect to watch this trio on screen. They have various conflicts, for instance, bujji and krishnaveni as local people feel that they took away together. They fight so a great deal and even contempt. Watch the film to comprehend what conflicts are and how they clear their mixed up suppositions and be cheery again.

Orey Bujjiga movie online

Technical Aspects:

  • Film like oreyBujjiga has a strong and connecting story to amaze all the hordes of telugu. The strong motivations behind the story are characters, all the characters were made with perfection.
  • Magnificent best music and establishment score. The emotions were brought up in the best way possible with dazzling music.
  • OreyBujjiga cinematography is best in its own structure, all the new techniques were essential.
  • If we need to talk about the subtleties this film has nailed all of them viably and in a perfect world all people who worked for the film get identical appreciation.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Raj Tharun

Actress: Malvika Nair

Other actors: Naresh, HebahPatel,  Ajay Ghosh, Raja Ravindra

Director: Vijay Kumar Konda

Writer: Vijay Kumar Konda

Producer: K.K. Radhamohan

Music Director: Anup Rubens

Cinematography: Andrew

More Information:

Runtime: 2 hours 44 minutes

Released: 01 October 2020

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Available On: Aha

OreyBujjiga movie online for more fun and enthusiasm. New telugu movies online are available on Aha with cool costs.

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