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Advantages and disadvantages of wall cabinets in the kitchen

There are several advantages in choosing wall units in the kitchen , as well as for those who choose shelves or shelves. There are no unambiguously acceptable rules that dictate which is the best choice: each one, depending on the space available, the style of the kitchen , tastes and preferences in terms of design, will select the most suitable alternative kitchen cabinets in Fort Myers.

So depending on the type of support and container, let’s see what are the pros and cons of adopting certain wall units in the kitchen .

Wall cabinets in the kitchen – the most common solution.

Benefits. The classic kitchen wall units with doors are the most commonly adopted solution for those who need space to store utensils, cutlery, plates, cookware and food of course. The style of the furniture in this case does not represent a limit, on the contrary the classic kitchen wall units, with their doors, handles and knobs, can satisfy any taste, always representing the optimal choice for those who want a neat and clean look. In fact, the wall units are of great help to “hide” the disorder and everything that is placed in bulk.

Disadvantages. Surely the main disadvantage of this type of furniture is the space they occupy, filling the kitchen in height and length. In a small kitchen this problem could therefore arise, making it seem even smaller, darker and more crowded than it actually is. It is also possible to reduce the cost of the composition by using shelves instead of wall units with door.

Exposed shelves.

Benefits. More and more often and more and more often in modern kitchens wall units are replaced with shelving, an open solution, which makes the kitchen seem larger, more voluminous and which offers a practical arrangement for many everyday objects. In fact, with visible shelves, plates, glasses and pots are always at hand. In addition, the shelves can be populated with colorful furnishing elements, as well as with objects that tell the life of those who live in that house.

Disadvantages. The main disadvantage of shelving is linked to the disorder that can be created if we tend to fill the shelves with accessories and objects, which are difficult to hide as you would with the doors of a classic wall unit.

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